Dentists – How to Get Your Team to Blog

November 9, 2010

First of all, good luck with that!  Most dental offices don’t have Team members with spare time on their hands and most Team members are not comfortable with the idea of writing content that other people (the whole wide web) will be able to read.

You can try spreading the wealth and assigning each team member to write one or two blogs each month.  The problem with this approach is that someone needs to supervise the schedule and make sure that the writing actually gets done.  Then someone, probably you, will need to add links to appropriate landing pages, add tags, and post the blog.

This method can work but you still need to spend precious time making sure it is done on a timely basis.

Another option is to just add the duties to your front desk staff.  This may prove problematic due to the constant interruptions by telephone and patients walking in the door.  Honestly, isn’t making sure the schedule is full and productive a better use of their time?

Getting the team excited about writing blogs is tough.  The responsibility for blogging will most likely come back to you and if you liked writing blog posts you wouldn’t have tried to give it away to your staff to begin with.

Your options are:

  • Make the time and, like Nike says, just do it!
  • Contact your SEO or website hosting company but be prepared to pay about $50 for each blog they write
  • Contract with a freelance writer – make sure you have read some of their work and that they understand dentistry
  • Contract with a local marketing agency who will then supply you with a freelance writer who may or may not understand dentistry

or your final option:  Contact at 561-271-2483 and let us do all the work for you for only $149 per month.  References and writing samples are available upon request.