Google+ Business Pages – Another Thing to Keep Updated

Google+ now has business pages! What? You aren’t excited about the prospect of updating  another social media site? I feel your pain but I’m going to add a Google+ business page for my husband’s practice anyway.

I have started looking at all of these social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now Google+ as a garden that needs to be cultivated and weeded regularly in order to bear fruit. According to the experts social media does affect search rankings and we all know the importance of SEO.

There are applications that will automatically update all of your chosen social media when you post a blog or tweet but I’m not sure how effective those are in the long run if you don’t customize each site. The easiest way to get more posts on your social media pages is to get your patients and team members involved. I have a client in Georgia who does a beautiful job of keeping his patients interacting on Facebook – they write posts about how much they enjoyed their appointments!

Keep cultivating your social media garden and I’ll keep adding blog posts!

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