Breaking Through the Block

Most bloggers will agree – the hardest part of the job is figuring out what to write about. The field of dentistry offers lots of topics but some days your brain needs a little nudge. Inspiration can come in many forms but some days it requires Google.

Subscribing to certain RSS feeds can keep you abreast of the latest research and news. Sometimes Twitter will show a trending topic that you can work into a blog. If all else fails you can look to your own website.

Everyone loves their website when it is new. Over time, however, most of us start to see things we wish we could change or wish we would have done differently or we discover that whoops – we forgot something important. Usually changing these things through your webmaster is an added cost. How about writing a blog about the thing you wish you could change or add (at least until you get around to making those website changes).

Don’t forget to link the social networking sites with your blog! One post can serve many purposes — if only you can think of something to write about.

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