Blogging Vs. Social Networks

Spread the word far and wide.  You have a website, now you understand how important adding a blog can be.  What about a Facebook page or Twitter feed?

Once you have written a blog it is very easy to use the same topic (see What Do I Write About) to create short posts for your wall on Facebook or turn the key idea into a 140 character tweet.

The most important thing – keep it up!  We all get busy and get sidetracked with more “important” or more interesting things.  When it comes to the internet new content on a consistent basis wins the race.  Think of the tortoise and the hare – the most whiz-bang new website won’t get found by the search engines right away.  But a good website that consistently posts new content over a long period of time will get noticed!

Keep writing and good things will come.  If you don’t feel like writing then contact me at to discuss your options.

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